Photo of Metropolis Magazine's 2014 Game Changer Award

Neal Feay Studio creates Metropolis Magazine's 2014 Game Changer Award

The Metropolis Magazine Game Changers Award is an accolade that seeks to highlight the design-led initiatives of the industry's most ambitious innovators. Nominated by the magazine's editors, this year's nominees make up a diverse mix of architects, developers, and educators whose ideas are all rooted in the idea of community. In the spirit of creative collaboration, this year's 4th annual award was custom designed and manufactured by cutting-edge aluminum manufacturer Neal Feay Studio.

Using donated materials from Alcoa, Neal Feay studio conceived a pyramid shaped trophy, an iconic form that could be viewed either one side at a time, or all at once from above. Each side has a distinct and unique pattern and color, from machined diamond cut, to a hand-burnished matte finish, to a polished pattern and color inspired by surfing in Bali. The trophy uniquely honors the various winners and their different contributions to the field, while also celebrating the range of the aluminum material of which it is made.

Photo of Design Miami Entrance Pavillion


Neal Feay partnered with New York-based architects formlessfinder to create Tent Pile, the installation that marked the entrance to Design Miami/ in December. Each year, Design Miami/ builds a designed environment for the fair’s entrance as part of its biannual Design Commissions program.

Harnessing multiple, often unexpected, properties of sand and aluminum, the Tent Pile pavilion provided shade, seating, cool air and a space to play for the city’s public. The pavilion’s dramatic aluminum roof miraculously balanced on the apex of a great pyramid of loose sand. Milled aluminum benches give resting space in the shade, where visitors experienced the cool air naturally generated by the structure . . . click here for further information

(RED) desk created by Neal Feay Studio designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson

Neal Feay partners with Jony Ive and Marc Newson to create (RED) desk for auction

Last November, Neal Feay Studio partnered with Jony Ive and Marc Newson to produce the (RED) Desk, a one of a kind piece created specially for the (RED) Auction to benefit AIDS. When it came to designing a completely new object specifically for this auction, Jony and Marc knew they wanted to work in aluminum, a material that has long fascinated them. Their creation is a monolithic desk with an aerodynamic form machined from solid pieces of aluminum. It was produced by Neal Feay Studio in Santa Barbara, and the Alex Rassmussen, the firm’s principal, considers The (RED) Desk to be a "historic piece with no precedent."

Made of 2,600 pounds of raw aluminum processed into a 420 pound anodized gray slab, the (RED) Desk looks industrial, cubist, and space age, all at once. One-hundred-two-inches long and 38-inches deep, the (RED) Desk's edge is extremely thin, almost blade-like. But perhaps the most entrancing aspect of the desk is its surface, with a unique cellular pattern that the designers liken to a jigsaw puzzle, with 185 hand-polished pieces that seem to fit together. With its sublime combination of scale, detail, and refinement—and an innovative manufacturing process that made it possible—this desk is a perfect example of the ideals embodied in Jony and Marc's curation of the (RED) Auction. This unique piece is inscribed to mark the occasion: Designed by Jony Ive & Marc Newson for (RED) 2013 edition 01/01.

New York Design Week


This May, Neal Feay Studios of Santa Barbara, will return to Wanted Design during New York’s 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) for the second year. The award-­‐winning studio will present a robust collection of diverse products from their own studio as well as established and up-­‐and-­‐coming artists and designers including Johanna Grawunder, Peter Alexander and Zorine Pooladian. Headed by Alex Rasmussen, the family business has revolutionized beautiful and durable anodized aluminum for three generations, establishing itself as a global leader in creative aluminum by creating iconic industrial designs that capture the visions of its clients . . . click here for further information.