This May, Neal Feay of Santa Barbara, will return to Wanted Design for the second year during New York's 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). The award-winning studio will present a robust collection of their own works as well as established and up-and-coming artists and designers including Johanna Grawunder, Peter Alexander and Zorine Pooladian. Headed by Alex Rasmussen, the family business has revolutionized beautiful and durable anodized aluminum for three generations, establishing itself as a global leader in creative aluminum by creating iconic industrial designs that capture the visions of its clients.

The space will also boast a Hirst inspired wall of spinnakers and a floor light object titled 'Hidden Track' to complement the works on show, all of which were fabricated within the company's 50,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility. Described by Peter Alexander as more of a gallery space than a booth, Neal Feay at Wanted Design promises to be a spectacular presentation of pioneering designs.

Johanna Grawunder, Pink Void

One of the striking pieces on display will be Pink Void, a bespoke collaboration with designer and architect Johanna Grawunder. The luminous abstract piece of lighting is the first design in a series of limited edition production pieces by the designer for Neal Feay Studio.

The idea was born out of a chance meeting in San Francisco between Alex and Johanna, when the pair enjoyed a mutual respect for the qualities of color, material and abstract form. Made in anodized solid aluminum, the piece is derived from photographic reflective barn doors, which maximize the amount of indirect light produced by spreading it over large, outwardly focused surfaces. The effect is magical; highlighting the beauty and complexity of the bead- blasted anodized surfaces of the piece, whilst radiating a warm glow of color to the room.

Peter Alexander, Starry Night

A product of an Artist in Residence program at Neal Feay's Santa Barbara factory, also on show will be Peter Alexander's stunning Starry Night. The piece is the first collaboration between Neal Feay and the renowned light and space artist.

Using Neal Feay's unparalleled techniques to transform aluminum into unique artworks, Starry Night is a 72 x 84" work on aluminum that combines a deep matte black surface with a 'sky' of small reflective stars.

Zorine Pooladian, Lucine

Designer Zorine Pooladian will present Lucine at Wanted Design this year. Inspired by the moonlight, Lucine is designed to evoke lightlessness by recreating the distinct light quality of the moon. The result is an ethereal light fixture that provides a calm, restful and soothing atmosphere. Described by the designer as an LED light made with love for people and the environment, Pooladian has achieved an emotional quality for under the ceiling that is usually only experienced under the moon.

Lucine, fabricated entirely within the Neal Feay manufacturing facility, is made from recyclable aluminum and is engineered for easy assembly, making it an environmentally friendly yet experiential piece of design.

Neal Feay Studio, DJ Cocktail Table

Neal Feay Studio will also introduce a design from its in-house collection, the DJ cocktail table. Inspired by a trip to Marfa, Texas, the piece is comprised of tonal anodized finish legs and precision aluminum top, coated with wild American bison hide from the Parabellum Collection.

In true Neal Feay style it is a table that defies expectation, boasting the immense craft and technique that goes into producing a minimalist piece of design.


About Neal Feay Studio

Founded by Neal F. Rasmussen in 1945 to create gifts and consumer products in anodized aluminum, Neal Feay remains unrivalled in achieving the beauty of anodized color while retaining the hardness of aluminum oxide anodized coating. Since Alex Rasmussen took over the family business, he has pioneered new uses for aluminum and new techniques for its use in design objects. Having recently ventured into product design, the company now works with a broad array of internationally renowned artists, architects and designers; current and previous projects include collaborations with Kenzo, Opening Ceremony, Logan Hicks and Holly Hunt to name just a few.

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